The answer to the question, “Who Am I?” gives a person’s _____.
Believers are _____ in the ______________.
_____ is a scripture that supports belief that believers are created in the image of God.
God has given individuals the capacity to express the same _____ He feels.
The interaction of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals determine the kind of _____ they become.
_____ is a scripture that indicates to the believer the experience of justification.
______________ is a Scripture that identifies the expression of redemption to the believer.
_____ behavior is the will of God.
A disciple possesses a genuine concern for the _____.
A disciple searches the _____ to be an effective witness.
A shepherd/leader is stable in _______________.
A called person functions compellingly out of _____.
A called person functions _____ in light of a sacred responsibility.
A minister is an agent of __________.


Ministers must develop _______________.
Ministers need to recognize that there is a constant state of spiritual conflict for control of the _____.
Ministers must focus their faith on _____.
In order to be spiritual, a minister must understand the contrast between the _____ mind and the _____ mind.
The sinful mind is _____ to God (Romans 8:7).
The spiritual mind is _____ (Romans 12:2).
As a shepherd/leader, a minister must have a __________.
As a shepherd/leader, a minister has a sense of _____ (Ephesians 6:10).
As a shepherd/leader, a minister must have a commitment to _____.
As a shepherd/leader, a minister must assume a stance of _____.
Jesus _____ people.
As a shepherd/leader, a minister accents ministry _____.
A ministry priority should build on the centrality of _____.
Preaching exists to _____ people.
A sermon must be felt in the __________ of the minister.


The most centralizing aspects of the worship service are the _____ of the church.
The sacraments of the church are _____________.
Sacrament implies __________.
_____ represents Christ dwelling in the believer and the believer dwelling in Christ.
_____ is connected with faith, repentance, and confession of faith.
The Lord’s Supper is another name for _____.
Communion focuses the believer on the _____ of Christ.
The Lord’s Supper __________ among the people of God.
Communion recognizes that an individual is _____.
Christ is present in Communion _____.
Communion is an _____ of grace, but is not grace.
Communion is available for only _____.
Baptism is an _____ with Christ.
Baptism does not _____ a person.
_____ is the mode of baptism.
Baptism follows _____.
The formula for baptism is focused in Matthew _____.
The washing of feet was an ancient custom of _____.
_____ is a biblical passage about footwashing.
The Lord’s Supper focuses on the _____ of Christ.


The practice of dedicating children comes from the dedication of __________.
Dedicating children to God is an act of __________.
When parents dedicate a child to God, they _____ themselves to rear the child before God.
Dedicating a child is a time to claim the _____ of God.
In a child dedication service, the minister explains the _____ of infant dedication.
In premarital counseling, the pastor talks to a couple about their _____.
In premarital counseling, the pastor goes over the order of _____ with the couple.
In a marriage service, the pastor should explain the meaning of marriage as a __________ before God.


The pastor’s role is that of a _____.
As ministers shepherd their congregation, they provide them with _________.
The best minister description of a pastor might be found in _____.
As a shepherd, a minister provides _____ for the congregation.
Ministers prepare the congregation _____ to face challenges.
Ministry includes _____ contact.
When a minister meets a family after a loved one passes away, the minister provides __________ for the funeral service.
In ministering to a grieving family, a minister should focus on the __________ of God.
Providing what the family _____ and _____ at a funeral service is important
Three goals of a sermon at a funeral are to _____ Jesus, _____ the family, and _____ the means of eternal life.


_____ is part of the ministry of the church.
By the nature of the calling, the minister is responsible for administering both the _____ and _____ of ministry.
The plan of ministry deals with the _____ of ministry.
_____ means “to organize, to plot, to guide and to direct.”
The minister __________ the church as it moves into the future.
A vision for ministry creates an _____, a _____, and _____ for ministry.
The purpose of vision is to provide a church with a ministry _____ and a means to measure ministry _____.
The Old Testament passage, _____, explains the necessity of a vision for a church.
Ministers are _____, which means they see where the church needs to be going and they outline steps to help the church reach the destination.
A vision for ministry starts from the scriptural understanding—an unfolding __________.
Give five principles that should be used in writing a mission statement for ministry: ___________________ _____.
Making a ministry vision a reality includes three administrative functions: (1) __________, (2) ______________, (3) _______________________________.
The church is an _____ that builds the body of Christ.
Paul gives an illustrative description of the church as a body of many parts in _____.
Organization is coming to a balance of __________.
The objective behind organization is that it gives the church _____ for the vision to be carried out.
It is important for a church to know its own _____ style.
In order to successfully build the body of Christ, the church must be ______________________________.
Churches need to be aware of the _____ of the people who live in its surrounding community.
_____ is a spiritual discipline.
Basic teachings concerning tithes and offerings are found in _____.
Helping people see the Kingdom __________ are key factors for motivating people to involve themselves in ministry.
which is not a four core ministry positions in a church are _________________________.
The _____ should be composed of individuals who are gifted in administration and in different types of ministry.
Christ’s teachings or actions illustrate how a minister can be a __________.
Christ recognized people at their point of _____.
Christ related to people in spite of _____.
Caring provides people a sense of belonging to something __________.
Caring keeps people as the _____ of ministry.
Caring churches are _____ to all people.
_____ should be the central thrust of the local church.
The sending church is _________.
A _____ church does not become a _____ church.
Special services, like _________, should be evangelistic services.
__________ to share their faith emphasizes evangelism.
One of the most effective means of evangelism is _____.
_______________ is expected of an evangelist.
An evangelist should _____ on what God is doing in the local church.
An evangelist should help the church _________.
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